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ApplyProof Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Support

ApplyProof is a secure tech system that allows students, their associated schools and immigration officials to verify the validity of important documents that are required for study permit applications. 

ApplyProof support students planning to study in Canada to be more efficient and effective.

How Does It Work?

When a letter of admission is forwarded to us from a college or university, ApplyProof attaches a unique code, and uploads the digital original to the secure ApplyProof server.

When the student receives their LOA, they can use the unique code to verify their document. Likewise, the student’s family, recruitment partner, and most importantly, the immigration official reviewing their study permit application, can enter the code on and verify the authenticity of the LOA.

Benefits of ApplyProof

For students who have been admitted to a Canadian school, applying for a study permit can be a stressful process. ApplyProof puts students at ease by ensuring that immigration officials have access to verified original documentation in our secure online system.

Being able to verify the LOA through ApplyProof ensures that communication with the student and their family is transparent, clear and accurate.

ApplyProof makes it easier for immigration officials to verify legitimate offer letters, in a matter of seconds. Confidence in valid documents can improve study permit processing times. Increased trust in legitimate students’ applications students is a win for students, recruitment partners, and our partner colleges and universities.

The ApplyProof Solution has been proven effective by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  Beginning April 24, 2020, all students who have received an offer letter from a Canadian college or university through the ApplyBoard Platform will have their letter ApplyProofed.

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