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Get informative and helpful feedback on your potential VISA Success to Canada soon, with other destinations in the pipeline our Canadian VISA Calculator.  Our team of experts also provide you with guidance, assistance and support during the visa application process and beyond, to give you the best chance of success.


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Once you’ve got your acceptance you can begin your studies (online if available) or book your VISA to begin your educational journey abroad! . . . We can also assist with your VISA confirmations and other travel requirements.

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Our Application & Enrollment Search Portal is an online tool for students to find the best university or college in the USA, UK, CANADA, Australia & Europe . . . and get guided support for your application for enrollment:

RBC GIC - Guaranteed Investment Certificate -

International Student Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) Program:

RBC GIC - Guaranteed Investment Certificate - Bank of Canada (RBC) to offer the International Student GIC Program, an easy and convenient way to obtain Proof of Financial Support for your Canadian study permit application, to help you take your next steps in studying Canada . . . LEARN MORE!

Receive Up To 75% Off Application Fees*

Are you spending most of your time filling out multiple applications for each School or Study Program? . . . Save time and fill out one application for as many schools as you want to apply to!

Enjoy 75% off application fees under C$101, and 50% off application fees under C$176 when submitting your applications for Summer or Fall intakes through our platform for applications submitted.

Why Submit Applications Through Our APPS Platform?

  • Access 1,600+ educational institutions in Canada, US, UK, Europe & Australia.
  • A single place for all your applications & enrollment.
  • Exclusive offers, scholarships and promotions.
  • Easy-to-use tools to help find the best schools and programs.
  • Local representatives to assist you with your journey & a whole lot more!

Also Check Out Special Scholarship Programs . . . including Scholarships to Women applying to science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) programs!

GET STARTED on your Academic & Professional Placement (APP) Services - Academic & Professional Placement (APP) ServicesAPPS Enrollment Program Benefits

Have you been dreaming about studying abroad?

Completion of your studies at Top Recruitment Partner Universities & Academic Institutions will provide you globally recognized qualifications on your university degrees or college diplomas.

There are many reasons to consider completing your post-secondary, undergrad & graduate level studies in the US, UK, Australia or Canada.

Top reasons to use our services:

  • It is fast, efficient, easy and FREE
  • You are not required to have IELTS English exam if you are from an English speaking territory
  • Complete the application on a single platform in the shortest time
  • Receive matches right away when you apply through our unique Student Enrollment & Search Portal with over 1,600+ partnered universities and colleges and over 3,000 programs available for you to view and research.

Enrollment - Academic & Professional Placement (APP) Services

The Application & Enrollment Portal is an online tool to find the best university or college in the US, UK, Australia or Canada and get guided Application & Enrollment Support.

The Program Search will match you with programs and schools that best align with your budget, location preference, program interest and current certifications and qualifications.

Other Benefits:

  • Your qualifications will be valued in the Caribbean & Worldwide.
  • Access to accurate, relevant information regarding affordable Int’l Student Fees with countries and location comparisons.
  • Access to Multi-cultural programs & related details.
  • Critical Student VISA Application processing information.
  • Valuable guidance on available work-study programs &
  • Get access to academic scholarships and more.
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