About Us

Academic & Professional Placement (APP) Services is a subsidiary services provider of ComDevCorp, providing proficient assistance, guidance and support for high school, college, tertiary & graduate level studies at the top universities and academic institutions in Canada, USA, UK and European Institutions.

ComDevCorp is a Caribbean Regional Recruitment Partner of ApplyBoard Academic Placement Agency, a global leader for student enrollment services provided to international students, graduates and professionals.

"Tech-Skills Training for Non-Techies" - BizTECH, BTSD & VA Business Support Training
Part-time, Intern, Volunteer, Technology-Skills Training for Non-Techies - Technology, Computing & Business Skills Training
VA & OBM Internship for OJT Entrepreneurial & Business Support Projects
Full-time, Part-time, Contractor, Intern, VA & OBM Trainees

What We Do

We provide student application and enrollment assistance and support for high school, college, tertiary and graduate level studies at the top universities and academic institutions in Canada, USA, UK and European Institutions.

Get professional assistance and support from application & enrollment to your first day of classes . . . We help to make the application process painless and efficient for the best start to your journey and professional career.

Get the best opportunities to start your professional & business career
APPServices.org - Academic & Professional Placement (APP) Services

Our Mission

We believe that education is a right, not a privilege.  The ApplyBoard mission is to make education accessible globally by becoming the world leader in promoting and innovating access to study abroad opportunities.

To date, ApplyBoard has assisted more than 100,000 students with their educational journey, built partnerships with over 1,200 primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, and work with 4,000 Recruitment Partners, to drive diversity on campuses across Canada and the United States.

Our Vision

ApplyBoard simplifies the study abroad search, application, and acceptance process by connecting international students, recruitment partners, and academic institutions.

Intuitive and personalized, our platform is designed to help students — as well as our partner schools — to succeed.  In 2019, ApplyBoard was named the fastest-growing technology company in Canada by Deloitte and grew to 450+ team members across the globe.

Our APP Services

  • Academic Program Search
  • Selection of Preferred Schools
  • Qualification Screening Assistance
  • Application Completion Support
  • Submissions & Enrollment Guidance
  • Program Acceptance Confirmations
  • Validation of Enrollment Documents
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